Empowering Education

We have a thesis, that there exists a generational change in the way teachers teach and students learn. At THESIS, we enable next generation interactive content and content delivery.
Our mission is powering and empowering disruptive K-16 excellence in a hybrid world.
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We're passionate about education.

The THESIS team has decades of experience in education and technology. We are passionate about solving problems in education and constantly improving the way content is created and delivered to meet the needs of next-generation educators and learners.

We're working on the next generation classroom. Here are our current solutions:

Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

BusinessU’s mission is to prepare young entrepreneurs to be “shark-tank-ready” when they graduate high school. Our turn-key curriculum is standards-based, activity-based, and has been designed and vetted by business and industry professionals.

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Manage students, engage practice.

Collabra is a collaboration and practice engagement platform for K-16 music and performing arts education. Collabra’s fully-hybrid video platform enables efficient split-screen scaling of lessons, adds accountability and affirmation to the process of practice, and empowers timed-assessments, blind auditions, and district-wide remote collaborations.

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Where Every Child is Exceptional

Prodigies Academy provides an engaging, interactive, standards-based, customizable curriculum for K-5 General Music Education. Each video-based lesson includes reinforcing and SEL activities, interactive and digital assessments, and a compose tool for students to create their own musical works.

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